Banyana Banyana Weaknesses to be resolved ahead of FIFA World Cup France 2019

Banyana Banyana Weakness ahead of the maiden Women's World Cup

There is no doubt that Banyana Banyana are playing well.They have a number of superstars:

The South African woman's national team are in good form after an unlucky loss at the African Women's Cup final. However, they still have weaknesses like any other team in the world.

Physical Weaknesses

Banyana Banyana players are short compared to North Africans and the Europian woman football team. Most of the key starting players in the team have a height of less than 1.6 meters. The banyana banyana players are also very lanky and are more suited to using speed than strength.

Their biggest concern, is that goalkeeper Kylin Swart is only 1.65. Lack of keepers height can be used against South African women's team during set pieces and shot from outside the box. When the keeper is short, any short from outside of the box can be difficult to deal with if its well directed. That means, if the opposition players target hitting the top bar

Shots Outside the box

The finalists of the African Women's Cup of nations need to take more shots at goal. Its well known or document fact, that Women's football goalkeepers are known to concede soft goals. Obviously, women's football has improved and keepers have also improved but they still present the opportunity.

Hard Tackling or ball winning Midfielders

Banyana's middlefield has only two potential ball winners, Smenda and Mkhabane. The rest of the three players(Mothlalo, Jane and Seoposenwe) that complete the middle are attacking players. Although the other three try very hard to defender when required, the problem is as the game goes on especially in the second half they may have heavy legs and leave Smenda and Mkhabane to defend.

Counter Attack

The South African women's football team play an attacking brand of football. This can be to their detriment as the counter attack is always on when they lose the ball in the attacking half. Usually their fullbacks also attack and there is not much cover if the is a turn over in possession. If the opposition can manage to pass Smenda and Makhabane, the defence is left exposed.



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