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Man City denied goal - Hand ball rule change

In the game against Manchester City and Tottenham on the 17th August 2019, a last minute winner was disallowed for Manchester City which has caused alot of debate. The disallowed goal has caused alot of debate because the ball struck Laporte's hand unintentional when he was trying to head the ball towards goal before Gabriel Jesus finished expertly. The goal was initially given by the referee until Video Assistant Referee (VAR) interrupted Manchester City celebrations and was greeted with huge applaud from Tottenham players and fans. The goal was disallowed due to Premier League implementing the new hand ball rule by the International Football Association Board (IFAB). Hand ball Rule Change According to the IFAB - " Any goal scored when the ball touches the hand of a player of the goal scoring team before goal is scored will be disallowed whether intentional or not ". Other IFAB Rule Changes Goal kick Rule Change - law 16 More Reading ht

Soccer rule exposed in PSL - goal kick rule

Controversial Soccer rule being exploited in the PSL - Goal kick Rule!  In June 2019, a change to the controversial goal kick rule(Law 16) was made by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), after many complains relating to opposition player not able to intercept the ball inside the 18-area box and defending team not able to play the ball inside the 18-area box. When the ball is touched without leaving the 18-area box a retake is ordered by the referee, whether ball is touched by defending team or opposition team. This rule was abused by the defending team and also disadvantaged the attacking team because they could not intercept the ball inside the 18-area before the defender touched the soccer ball. Early confusion of the goal kick rule In the inception of this rule soccer teams around the world were applying the rule incorrectly. Opposition players were not living the 18-yard box. But the defending teams player for an odd reason are allowed to be in the box. Thi