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VAR Needs to Evolve

Video Assistance Referee (VAR) is used to assist the referee's make better decisions. Fortunately, referees are not allowed to use VAR anytime they want or else a soccer match will become a 130 minutes game swamped with many stoppages for VAR reviews.

Should teams not get 2 chances to review any decision like they do in cricket to not interrupt the game as much as it is happening now! Why, is every goal asked to be reviewed by VAR.
What is VAR not used for in a game1 Free kick decisions
In the game against Inter Milian versus Juventus, a handball was reviewed against Romelu Lukaku by VAR, VAR found the Inter Milian striker to be guilty of handball but it was not in the penalty box, which meant VAR could not give a penalty. But then it was a clear free kick in a goal scoring position for CR7 but because VAR cannot be used to review free kicks, the free kick was not given to Inter Milan! Juventus did go on to win the game but they would have complained about the decision should the res…