Transnet Football School of Excellence 2020 trials

The prominent Transnet Football School of Excellence hosted soccer trials on the 18th of January 2020. This year's soccer trials were the most attended, as thousands of young footballers gathered to show off their talent and hopefully book a place in the illustrious school. This is due to the ability of the school producing the best football talent in South Africa (SA) such as Steven Pienaar, Bernard Parker, and Phakamani Mahlambi one of its latest exports.

The Transnet Football School of Excellence was looking for youngsters born in the years 2006, 2007 and 2008 to fill their grade 8 class of 2020. The boarding school only accommodates 120 students and there was only space for 20 other children. Trials were held late this year due to financial challenges said one of the employees at the school! This did not deter parents and their children. Parents, guardians (.i.e. local coaches) and children came in their numbers. Queues for trials started inside the school and ended a very long way outside the school, approximately 1200 meters.

Process of Trials

1. Trial and then go home, wait for a call to come for second trials
3. Attend second trials (including English and Maths assessment)
4. Wait for the final call to be selected to study at illustrious school

Many people were not familiar with the process of trials and the selection criteria. The selectors did not say a word to parents on who they selected and why. Unbelievably, trials went on late till 17h30 due to the sheer number of trialists. From thousands of children, the selectors needed only 20. The youngsters trailed for 20 minutes each, giving selectors enough time to make their decision. 

From thousands of children, approximately 60 were called for second trials. The second trials were held on the 25th of January 2020, a week after the first trials. Trialists were required to write an English and Maths assessment before going on to the field. This looks like a definite criterion required to enter the school. Long gone are the days when education was overlooked!

Successful candidates were called on 28 and 29 of January 2020 to become grade 8 students of the Transnet Football School of Excellence. 

Football players produced by Transport School of Excellence

One of the biggest factors why every child in SA wants to study at the school of excellence is due to many talented footballers who have studied at the school. The below list names of the most talented players produced by illustrious football school:

1. Steven Pienaar
2. Keegan dolly
3. Bernard Parker
4. Phakamani Mhambi
5. Aubrey Modiba
6. Lucky Maselesele
7. Dillon Douglas Sheppard
8. Daine Klate
9. Jabulani Shongwe
10. Sipho Nunes

If you attended any soccer trials, can you please let us know how was the experience? Please leave your comments below.


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  3. On which day and month will the school of excellence trials of 2021 happen

  4. Morning I would like to send my players for trail outs into your team : my name is fanyana christopher hlophe : coaching Mpumalanga United that consist of 435 players in Ermelo Mpumalanga i would love to see theses young interlegent players to be successfull in their careers


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