The effects of coronavirus on football

Novel coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic has affected all countries in the world. Currently, an estimate of 341 000+ people in the world has tested positive for coronavirus and 14 700+ deaths around the world according to the data from Johns Hopkins University.

In football, the numbers of players that has tested positive have been low and there has not been a single fatality of a football player! In order to contain the virus, all major football leagues around the world have been shutdown.

In fact, most soccer players in Europe that have tested positive for the virus have been found to be asymptomatic and none have been admitted to the hospital. The reason given by health officials is that football players are younger and healthier than most individuals in our societies. Current coronavirus deaths data show that older patients and those with chronic health issues are more at risk of death from the virus, said Dr Anthony Allwood.

  1. Fatalities in Football
  2. Football Players Tested Positive For COVID19
  3. Donations from Football players and clubs to fight COVID19
  4. Symptoms of Coronavirus
  5. Asymptomatic
  6. Leagues Canceled

Fatalities in Football

Currently, no football player has passed away from the virus. The other reason for this is that all professional teams have medical staff that ensures the well being of all players in the team. The team doctors are able to pick up the symptoms earlier and send the players for testing and get them treatment as quickly as possible.

However, it is also important to note that a 20 year old soccer coach has passed away in Spain. Fransisco Garcia was a youth team coach at Malaga club Atletico Portada Alta. After investigation and much confusion of one of the youngest deaths from coronavirus, the doctors found that the young coach also had leukaemia which made fighting the coronavirus difficult for the 20 year old.
Somalia legend Mohamed Farah becomes the first African football legend to die from coronavirus. Mohamed passed away on 3 March 2020 in a hospital in England at the age of 59.

Football Players Tested Positive For COVID19

  1. Callum Hudson-Odoi - Chelsea
  2. Mickel Artata - Former Arsenal player and current coach of Arsenal
  1. Thomas Kahlenberg - former Denmark international player
  1. Patrik Cuturone - Fiorentina
  2. German Pezzella - Fiorentina
  3. Danielle Rugani - Juventus
  4. Blaise Matudi - Juventus
  5. Paulo Dybala - Juventus
  6. Omar Colley - Sampdoria
  7. Albin Ekdal - Sampdoria 
  8. Antonino La Gumina - Sampdoria
  9. Manolo Gabbiadini - Sampdoria
  10. Morten Thorsby - Sampdoria
  11. Paulo Maldini - Former AC Millan football player and director at AC Millan
  12. Daniel Maldini - AC Millan
  1. Ezequiel Garay - Valencia
  2. Eliaquim Mangala - Valencia
Valencia Management has said that 35% of the team has test positive and has not given any more names to the media.

South Africa
  1. Sphephelo Sithole
  2. Ben Motshwari.
  1. Rustu Recber - Former Turkey goalkeeper

Donations from Football players and clubs to fight COVID19

  • Robert Lewandoski - Donates 1 million euros to fight coronavirus.
  • Manchester United FC and Manchester City FC - Jointly donated 100 000 pounds = 20 479 123 rands
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Donates 1 million euros to fight coronavirus in Italy
  • Roman Abramovich - Donates use of Millennium Hotel at Stamford Bridge for use by coronavirus patients.
  • Gary Neville - Donates use of his two hotels in Manchester for use by coronavirus patients.
  • Pep Guadiola (24 March 2020) - Donates Donates 1 million euros to help fight coronavirus in Spain.
Symptoms of Coronavirus

Fever - the most common symptoms for coronavirus.
Cough and Sneezing - extensive coughing and sneezing are the other most common symptoms
Aches and pains - aches and pains in muscles, making movement painful
Sore throat - pain or irritation in the throat
Shortness of breath - In severe cases, individuals have trouble with breathing 
Loss of smell and Loss of taste - are other symptoms being investigated by health professionals around the world


Asymptomatic is a term used to describe individuals that have tested positive for COVID19 but have not shown any symptoms and recover quickly from illness without hospitalisation. Asymptomatic individuals can infect others with the virus that may be at risk of death. Moreover, asymptomatic individuals have found to be mostly children and a large percentage of the population according to researchers. Hence, it is important to follow prevention measures whether you are with someone that shows signs or not!

Football League Canceled

  1. Belgian League
  2. French League
  3. Mauritius League
  4. Kenya Premier League
  5. Ethiopia Premier League

More Information

  1. Visit the World Health Organization website for more information:
  2. Visit South Africa website for more information about the coronavirus:


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