Law 14 - Penalty Rule: Made easy

Fifa law 14 explains rules that should be followed in a penalty kick. This rule is complicated and often not understood by many. 

The following points in this article will make this rule easy to understand without reading the FIFA rules book:

When will referee award a retake

  1. When attacking players encroach in the penalty box before penalty taker kicks the ball and goal is scored.
  2. When defending players encroach in the penalty box before penalty taker kicks the ball and goalkeeper makes a save.
  3. Both defending and attacking player encroach in the penalty box before penalty taker kicks the ball.
  4. If the goalkeeper moves in front of his line before the ball is kicked and makes a save.
  5. When penalty kicker comes to a complete stop during their movement to kick the penalty. In football, this is referred to as feinting

When referee will award a goal

  1. Goal awarded if the penalty taker scores and the are no infringements taken to cause a retake.

When does a penalty kick end

  1. When the goalkeeper has the ball under control after making a save
  2. When the ball has gone inside the goal

Penalty laws during the match

When a penalty occurs during the match which is awarded because of a foul committed in the penalty box, the following rules will apply:
  1. A goal can be scored directly from the penalty kick
  2. If keeper saves the penalty, attacking players and penalty taker can score on the rebound
  3. However, if the ball hits the goal polls the penalty taker touches the ball or scores an indirect freekick will be awarded but other players can score or touch the ball. This is because during a penalty the same player is not allowed to touch the ball twice before any other player touches the ball. For example, watch the below video.

Penalty law during the penalty shootout

   1. You can not score from the rebound from keeper save or off the goal polls

Learning from examples

Example 1: Balls hit goal poll and bounces in the penalty box and spins towards the goal

In a penalty shootout, if the ball hits the goal polls and bounces away from goal but inside the penalty box after that, the ball goes back towards the goal due to wind or spin on the ball and keeper cannot make a save. A goal will be awarded, because player touched the ball once and the ball ended up in the goal.

Example 2: Goalkeeper saves and then kicks ball in the net

If the goalkeeper makes a save from the penalty and then kicks the ball into the goal. If it is during the match it is an easy goal to award for the referee. If it is in a penalty shootout, the referee will give the goal because the ball has ended up inside the goal without him blowing his whistle to say if it is a goal or not. Law 14 says that the keeper must have the ball under control for the penalty kick to end. Hence, if the ball is in the goal then a goal is awarded.

More information

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