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Moses Mabhida - One of the best stadiums in South Africa and the World

South Africa has some of the world’s most beautiful stadiums but which one is the absolute best? In this series, we will cover everything you need to know about your favorite stadium one by one starting with the majestic Moses Mabhida stadium (MMS). The elegant stadium was built as a venue for the world cup, Moses Mabhida stadium was originally a 70 000 capacity venue but was reduced to a 56 000 capacity venue after the world cup by removing the 3 rd of the structure. It officially opened in November 2009 on the 29 th with a match between Amazulu FC and Maritzburg United which made Maritzburg United the first ever team to register a win at the venue when they beat Amazulu FC by a goal to nil. The ice white beauty also hosted the first round of 16 match up in the very first world cup on African soil when the Netherlands thumped Slovakia 2-1 and later, the semi-final between Spain and Germany. Spain won the semi-final and went on to lift the FIFA World Cup for the first time in their

Top 5 Greatest Long Passers of the ball: Dunga, Alonso, Pirlo, Scoles and Veron

Long passing is one of the most intrinsic skills required by all football players and it is the difference between good middle fielders and great middle fielders. However, log passing is still a skill that eludes most football professional players in the world. Long passing is a difficult skill to master and it is even more difficult to execute under pressure. Middle fielders that can execute long passes give the attacking team a big advantage, they can move the ball from defensive half to attacking half with one pass. Especially now that modern football makes use of overlapping fullbacks, this means that they are always spaces behind the defenders that can be exploited. The greatest long passers don't just kick the ball forward in the air hoping for tall strikers to win the ball. They look for the runner or player in space to pass the ball to! The list below shows top 5 greatest long passers the game has ever seen: 1. Dunga The greatest long passer of the ball; has the ability to