Should CAF remove away goal rule

 Should CAF follow UEFA to remove the away goal rule in Africa's major competitions?

Firstly, let's look at the reasons why UEFA has removed the away goal rule which has been in practice since 1965.

1. Reduce Goals scored by home teams - Introduced Negative Tactics

UEFA concerned about teams looking for clean sheets at home and looking to score away from home. These negative tactics mean that teams score fewer goals at home because they are more concerned about conceding away goals than scoring. Many coaches such as the great Arsen Wenger who said: "The weight of the away goal rule has become too massive!".

For example, in the Chelsea versus Real Madrid clash on 27th April 2021, the first game played in Spain ended in a 1 all draw but because of the Away Goal Rule, Chelsea had the upper hand because a clean sheet would mean they qualify to the final. As a result, Real Madrid had to attack and Chelsea could catch them on the counter-attack.

2. COVID-19 

Coronavirus has changed the playing fields and has made playing away from home not an advantage. Most of the EUFA Champions league 2019 games were played behind closed doors without fans which meant home teams gained no advantage from their home matches. Moreover, some of the teams in less affected countries such as Denmark, Austria, Russia, and Germany were allowed to play with fans which gave them an unfair advantage over other teams. 

Additionally, teams in Spain and England could not even play their home game at home because of travel restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Games such as Liverpool's clash with RB Leipzig and Chelsea's away leg at Atletico Madrid were moved to neutral venues.

3. Extra Time

If the two-legged match goes into extra time, the Away Goal Rule still remains which means if the away team scores the home team will need to score 2 more goals to win the match. This means the away rule does not favour the home team. In fact, the team playing at home first benefits should match go into extra time.


Yes, CAF should consider removing the Away Goal Rule because of the above reasons in Africa. 

Please leave your comments below, if you believe CAF should consider abolishing the away rule or keep the Away Goal Rule.


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