Football rules

Understanding the laws of the games is very important. It Can be advantageous to know the laws for players and coaches. For example, in 2019 the Goal kick rule was updated which makes it easier now for teams to play from the back. A list of important football rules are discussed below:

Hand Ball Rule Changes

The Hand Ball rule update states that a goal cannot be scored if the ball has touched any attacking player's hands before events leading to a goal being scored.

Goal kick Rule Changes

In 2019, the goal kick rule was changed after many complains by football pundits. The rule updates allow defenders to play the ball inside the penalty box and once ball is touched by defenders, the attacking team can now win the ball inside the box.

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VAR - What it is not used for

Video Assistance Referee (VAR) has changed the modern games by routing out errors made by referees. Since its inception, it has been very successful and obviously, there have been some questionable decisions made by VAR. Moreover, its application is limited to certain events in a soccer match but also has resulted in slowing down the game.

In this article, we look at other ways VAR can be used

Penalty Rule Change

If a penalty taker hits the goal poll and then on the rebound the same player scores an indirect free kick is awarded. In fact, this was a flaw in the previous rules that said a player is not allowed to kick the ball twice but when the ball hits the goal poll and the same player scores the goal was awarded.

In this article, law 14 - penalty rule is discussed to make the law easy

Law 12: Fouls and misconduct summarized

Fouls and misconduct football rule is the most used rule in football. Law 16 determines when to award a direct free kick, indirect free kick, penalty, yellow and red card.

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