Ankle Fracture - Gomes

In the game against Tottenham Spurs versus Everton, we saw a horrific injury to Andre Gomes. His ankle was fractured and we could see his protruding leg bone on television as well as hear his screams and see the concern of all players some even shading tears - Son Heung-min and Serge Aurier!

In the 70th minute leading to the injury, Song was elbowed unintentionally by Gomez. Who was really having a good game, who was passing magnificent and created a few opportunities for Everton by brilliant passing. In the 75th minute the injury happened, Song went in carelessly seeking retribution for being elbowed by the passing genius. Unfortunately, during Song's tackle, Gomez's foot got stuck in the turf causing it to dislocate because of the player's momentum.

Injuries like this end football career's and it is a very huge concern for football players. In the PSL the insurance for players that have their careers cut short by injury has come under the spotlight in the case against Emille Baron. There have also been disputes handled in court over career-ending injuries in the English Premier League (EPL), that of Ben Collett, an ex-Manchester United young star. The moral of the story is that a value cannot be placed on a person's career, no one knows if he may become the next football star like Messi or Ronaldo.

Unfortunately, these injuries are part of the sport and can occur in junior games or professional games. The benefit of these happening in the professional game is that you have insurance to ensure that you get the best treatment but no guarantees are given.

How do you handle such injuries?

Well in the first level first-aid course you are taught to avoid moving someone with a protruding injury and call for help immediately.

Steps to follow

  1. Call for Help
  2. Leave protruding bone alone, don't try to move back in position! You can inflict more injury on the injured person.
  3. If there is bleeding try to stop the bleeding by applying pressure.
  4. Apply cold to the area. You can use ice wrapped around a clean cloth.
  5. Treat them for shock. Make sure they a calm and not injuring themselves more by moving around.
  6. Apply splinter or rest leg if the injured person cannot be moved. Splinting if done correctly, should relieve pain and prevent further injury. This is because leg is not stable, cut born can damage tissue or cut blood vessels if it is not prevented from moving around. Note: Do not try to reconnect the bone or try to apply splinting without the necessary training. Importantly, also make sure that you do not tie the splint so tight as to stop blood flow.
  7. Lastly, if a person is not breathing give CPR.

How was the injury to Andre Gomes handled?

  1. The first person who came to assist Gomes gave his leg support. Important because he could not rest it down on the floor because his ankle was broken.
  2. He called for help immediately when he saw the extent of the injury. 
  3. The paramedics came on to the field, with a stretcher were he could relax his foot
  4. The paramedics applied a splinter.
  5. Then he was taken straight to the nearest hospital for treatment.
In professional football, the are paramedics on standby to assist with these types of injuries.

How to apply a splinter on a broken leg or ankle

The Youtube video shows how the splinter was applied.

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