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5 reasons why PSL 2019-20 Season could be cancelled

COVID-19 is racking havoc in the world and South Africa. The coronavirus has also affected football leagues all around the world . In South Africa, the deadly virus has infected about 1505 people and 7 people have passed away as of the 3rd of April 2020. If you look at the data in other countries embattled with the virus, the virus starts slowly, before you know it the whole country is infected, and the mortality rates increase exponentially each day. Credit for the South African government for initiating a lockdown of the country early to prevent the spread of the virus. This means that it will be hard for the PSL to resume the current 2019-20 PSL season even though the lockdown ends on the 16 of April 2020. In this article, we will cover reasons why it may be impossible for the PSL to resume the current 2019-20 season: Summary 1. Player match fitness 2. Player Contracts 3. Remaining League and Cup matches 4. Start of the 2020 - 2021 season 5. Handling Infections of player

Law 12: Fouls and Misconduct Summarized

Law 12 gives referees the ability to control the game and rout out any misconduct in the game of football. Important points about law 12 1. A direct free kick is awarded when opposition player wins the ball unfairly by using excessive force, or when a player is reckless, for spitting at other players and using illegal means to win the ball such as holding another player. 2. An indirect free kick is awarded in the following cases: Goalkeeper handles the ball from passback, a throw-in from a teammate, and goalkeeper handles the ball after having released the ball without any other player touching the ball. Fouls committed against goalkeeper such as preventing goalkeeper from releasing the ball. A player plays in a dangerous manner; For example, a player using his feet to play ball in the air while other players are using their heads.  Learning From example Example 1: The player kicks the ball when the goalkeeper is releasing the ball In a match against Santos FC

COVID-19 Stops Football Except in Belarus

Many people may not know about a small county in Europe called Belarus which has a population of about 9.485 million. Belarus has stunned the world by continuing to host football matches amid the coronavirus outbreak. In spite of coronavirus racking havoc in Europe. As of the 4th of April 2020, the virus has resulted in 20 465 deaths in Italy, 17 756 deaths in Spain, 14 967 in France and 11 329 in the UK according to the  Worldometer website . Belarus shares borders with Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia. Russia has been one of the countries that have underestimated the coronavirus and were late in the implementation of social distancing guidelines recommended by the  World Health Organization . Additionally, reporters believe that Russia is under-reporting confirmed cases and deaths due to coronavirus. As of the 14th of April 2020, Russia has 21 102 confirmed cases and 170 deaths from coronavirus. This places Russia 15th on the list of countries most affected by t

Law 14 - Penalty Rule: Made easy

Fifa law 14 explains rules that should be followed in a penalty kick. This rule is complicated and often not understood by many.  The following points in this article will make this rule easy to understand without reading the FIFA rules book: When will referee award a retake When attacking players encroach in the penalty box before penalty taker kicks the ball and goal is scored. When defending players encroach in the penalty box before penalty taker kicks the ball and goalkeeper makes a save. Both defending and attacking player encroach in the penalty box before penalty taker kicks the ball. If the goalkeeper moves in front of his line before the ball is kicked and makes a save. When penalty kicker comes to a complete stop during their movement to kick the penalty. In football, this is referred to as feinting .  When referee will award a goal Goal awarded if the penalty taker scores and the are no infringements taken to cause a retake. When does a penalty kick end